About Us

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our blog! We are the Roaming Pear (aka. A&A on this blog). We love to travel, eat spicy food, drink single-origin fair trade coffee, binge watch Netflix series & sci-fi movies, and above all – we share the same initials (A.M.) 


Now, you may have some questions such as…

Why do you have a blog?

Because…We believe that a couple that travels together stays together 😉 – It’s about embarking on NEW adventures, exploring a different culture, tasting new food and meeting new people along the way!

We started this blog to share our experiences with friends and family, and inspire all to see for themselves (don’t just take our word for it!)

…and maybe a little bit selfishly as an online journal to capture and archive our moments through the past years. (guilty!)

What do you do? And how can you travel this often? 

Both of us (the perfect pear ) work in the financial industry, so taking “long” (≥ 2 weeks) vacations is almost next to impossible. Well…someone’s gotta pay for all these lovely trips! 😉

And besides, why must one have to quit their job to travel? It is (actually) possible to do both! It’s sort of like …you can have your cake and eat it too! (ummm maybe a cupcake? 😉 )

Our vacations are mostly centered around a quick break to a new location, ranging from a long weekend (3 days) to a trip to a far away land (10 days). The only time we pulled off a longer vacation was for our own wedding (2.5 weeks)! We usually plan a packed vacation around a common theme – RELAX at a luxury hotel, eat lots of good FOOD, read up on some HISTORY, enjoy the OCEAN breeze (soak up some SUN while we’re at it), and a good measure of CULTURE thrown in! we’re not picky eaters (and most definitely not vegetarian) and will try (almost) anything…ONCE (key word) ha!

We are amateur photographers and our pictures have probably evolved over the years, just like our cameras and our travel budget!

How can I contact/follow you?

Follow us on our discovery of new places (Click on “Follow” below OR the Contact page) and drop us a line to share your experiences (Comment section below OR Contact page); we would LOVE to HEAR from you!

Happy reading 🙂

…and much love,

The Roaming Pear (aka. A & A)

Thanks for reading!

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