Historical Journey Through Delhi

Delhi for me has always defined “home” – a place that remained constant while growing up in 6 countries across two continents! Summer always meant going to Delhi for a couple of months to be with grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins; lots of food, playing made-up games on the terrace, spending late nights chatting about the year’s events and of course shopping (and lots of it)!

But exploring the Mughal sites of Delhi and Agra never quite made the list… In our defence, we’d been to several museums (A/C indoors providing a respite from the summer heat), parks (great picnic spot for late-evening family gatherings including of course the mid-night-ice cream-run!!) and temples (always a festival around the corner); we just never got around to visiting the historical sites of Old Delhi!

Battling crowds at the Mughal ruins in sweltering summer heat was somehow akin to picking the short straw, and (un)surprisingly nobody ever volunteered! 🙂

So with that realization in mind, our visits to India NOW (in a grown up state) do, in fact, cover some historical site! Sadly, Agra shall have to wait for next time :/

We hired a private taxi for a day and charted out the sites with our driver. Our Itinerary: Rashtrapati Bhavan –> Red Fort –> Humayun Tomb –> Lotus Temple –> ISKCON Temple (yeah! good luck with traffic)

1. Rashtrapati Bhavan: This refers to the 320 acres of presidential estate that comprises of the president’s official residence, halls, guest rooms and offices including the large Mughal gardens, employee/staff quarters etc.

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