Top Things To Do in Ubud

Ubud was the last destination before our long and arduous journey home (NYC)… We had reserved a mere three days for this city, and by the end of it, we were already planning a return trip to this beautiful place!

Bali is truly the land of the mystic, where sacred temples, lush rice paddies, incense scented villages all blend together in perfect harmony. This feels a little foreign at first, stepping into their mythical stories from a sanitized western world; but after a few days with the warmest people on earth, you develop a sense of the familiar…a place where you know you will be back.

To give you a glimpse of our adventures, we give you a short summary of our Top Experiences in Ubud

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Finding Paradise in the Gilis

Picture a journey to three remote islands surrounded by clear turquoise waters; you’re in a little boat that seems to cut through the glass-like ocean reflecting the clouds above. There are hints of rocks and brightly colored fish as a reminder that you’re staring at the ocean…

THESE are the Gilis and you may have to pinch yourself to believe that is real!

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