Finding Paradise in the Gilis

Picture a journey to three remote islands surrounded by clear turquoise waters; you’re in a little boat that seems to cut through the glass-like ocean reflecting the clouds above. There are hints of rocks and brightly colored fish as a reminder that you’re staring at the ocean…

THESE are the Gilis and you may have to pinch yourself to believe that is real!

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Hotel Tugu Lombok – an idyllic slice of paradise

We savor a cup of Lombok coffee by the beachside bar, watching tiny raindrops disturb the calm green water of the main pool; surrounded by purple flowers and overlooked by the goddess herself. “This is an early sign of the daily afternoon showers”, we are told “Don’t worry, these will pass soon and you can enjoy beach again!” Ah! that beautiful beach in the horizon…

We were waiting for our room at the Hotel Tugu Lombok, where the journey from Bali seemed to have taken us straight into a chapter of the epic, Mahabharata. Continue reading “Hotel Tugu Lombok – an idyllic slice of paradise”