Eat Your Way To The Floating Market

During our short three-day visit to Bangkok, we had planned to take a day trip to the floating markets outside the city. We highly recommend this as a must-see tour during your visit!

While there are several floating markets around Bangkok (actually more like 5 good ones) at varying distances from the city; Damnoen Saduak is probably the largest and most well known, albeit a little “touristy” but still remained our preferred choice for this trip. We wanted to see a lively atmosphere with a large number of boats selling colorful exotic fruits and a variety of local eats!

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Exploring Royal Temples in Bangkok

We dedicated the second day in the old royal district, Ko Ratanakosin area to exploring the famous temples in Bangkok, Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

As we had split our visit to the Grand Palace and the temples across two days (read post here), this post is part II of our series, where we had ample time to stroll the temple grounds and also watch the sunset by the river while sipping on our drinks…

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