Front Row Seat at a Muay Thai Fight

For one of the nights in Phuket, we decided to attend a Thai Boxing match with the locals! The Patong Boxing Stadium (Sainamyen Rd.) organizes a Thai boxing match every Monday, Thursday and Saturday night (9pm until–). They get professional Muay Thai fighters from both Thailand and abroad, and the fights are attended by heavy-betting locals and tourists alike; we picked a Monday and they had fighters from Australia, France, and Germany in addition to local Phuket fighters. (Bangkok’s Lumpini Stadium is considered the holy ground for all Muay Thai fights, but sadly, we didn’t have enough days/time in Bangkok to catch a fight there.)

Five main fights planned for the night, and 10 players geared up to win – this is their story!

muay thai poster
Poster for the night’s fight(s)

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Go Island Hopping in Phuket

Exhausted from a long and seemingly never-ending trans-atlantic flight (28 hrs including 2 brief layovers), prying to keep our eyes open after a serious caffeine/sugar crash, we finally made it to Phuket (Poo-Get)!! A collection of limestone peaks dotting the Andaman Sea against the orange hue of the sun…beautiful sight for sore eyes! 🙂

view from the window seat!

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