The Royal Side of Bangkok With Flytographer

The old royal district, Ko Ratanakosin houses the most famous and sacred sites of Thailand; Wat Phra Kaew (famous for the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace) and Wat Pho (famous for the reclining Buddha). While several of the guide books and walking tours suggest covering both sites in a few hours of the day,Continue reading “The Royal Side of Bangkok With Flytographer”

Top Things To Do in Phuket

The allure of Phuket is difficult to explain… While its natural attractions are indisputably gorgeous, they are overshadowed by the (over)developed and (over)crowded beaches, teeming with selfie-obsessed tourists looking for an FoMO holiday destination! Having said that… there is some positive aspect to Phuket! The island’s reputation makes it more accessible for travel (more/direct flights) and offers plenty of things to do! Ultimately, thisContinue reading “Top Things To Do in Phuket”