Top Things to Do in Hoi An – a travel guide

“Detour from Cambodia” was the topic of our search; a warm and culturally rich location for a short 4 days. Having been to Thailand, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, we searched¬†Vietnam…and stumbled into a treasure of “ideal” destinations! Vietnam is probably the most under rated of Asian destinations (IMHO), with a most diverse range of options toContinue reading “Top Things to Do in Hoi An – a travel guide”

Top Things To Do in Ubud

Ubud was the last destination before our long and arduous journey home (NYC)… We had reserved a mere three¬†days for this city, and by the end of it, we were already planning a return trip to this beautiful place! Bali is truly the land of the mystic, where sacred temples, lush rice paddies, incense scentedContinue reading “Top Things To Do in Ubud”