Big Sur – A Photo Essay

This much awaited drive truly captured the spirit of our iconic California Dreamin’ trip. By this time, our Pinterest board was full of pictures of the vast and rugged green shoreline, and that beautiful Pacific blue dotted with ships along the horizon. “Don’t forget to spot the whales”, AM yelled in an excited tone! Big Sur was theContinue reading “Big Sur – A Photo Essay”

Staring at Jellyfish in Monterey

We had read a lot about Monterey’s picture-perfect views  that was an inspiration  for John Steinbeck’s “Cannery Row”; he wrote his novel based on the sardine canning industry  in this waterfront town. Today, Monterey is most famous for the world renowned aquarium that houses giant kelp, largest open sea exhibit and an incredible collection of jellyfish. Travel magazines call this town aContinue reading “Staring at Jellyfish in Monterey”