Taking a breather in Jimbaran Bay

After what felt like the world’s longest journey, we finally reached Bali, and our first stop – Jimbaran Bay! We reached the hotel (Intercontinental Bali) just in time for sunset and were greeted by the front desk with cooling towels and a lovely tea cocktail (“rosella” Tea with lemon and honey – I need to find out what this is!) The hot and humid climate seemed like such a welcome relief from the never-ending winter 2013.

We quickly dropped our bags in the room and headed out to check out the hotel and more importantly the beach. The hotel is beautifully maintained and the grounds included elements from the local Indonesian architecture for the pools and the common areas.

Photos from travel blog

For dinner we were off to the seafood restaurants by the beach which was just a short distance from the hotel. The food here was delicious – probably one of the best meals we have ever had! The restaurants span from little huts to proper sit-downs and have chairs sprawled by the beach. Since Jimbaran Bay is really a little fishing village, the restaurants here get fresh catch delivered every morning. The varied selection is what differentiates every restaurant.

1. You pick your desired catch-of-the-day



2. The “catch” is then grilled over coconut husks, with a “secret” marinade (it’s a combination of sambal paste, ginger and spices)


3. And served with an assortment of sauces, green vegetables in sambal paste and rice


4. A perfect meal with a chilled Bintang (Indonesian beer) under a moonlit sky, as you hear the waves and watch the twinkling lights of the fishermen boats spreading their nets for the next day’s meal…


Thoroughly exhausted, we walked back, climbed straight to bed to catch some zZZZZ


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