Fly Me High…Ibiza Sky!

Yep, that’s the VengaBoys song; “We’re going to Ibiza…” and we sang that tune the whole way – through the flight and the drive to our hotel 😉

We planned a “little” detour to Ibiza before starting our journey onwards to Andalusia. A bit of partying and lazing by the mediterranean sea never hurt anyone! But Ibiza offered us a slightly different picture – perhaps our expectations were too high…(?)

First, our arrival on the island (we took a flight and skipped the ferry which is a much longer ride) was a little less than delightful, as we were greeted by thundering clouds and torrential rainfall! (yes, again!!!) 😦

The drive to the hotel was fairly quick (~20 min) passing giant billboards showcasing the electronic music scene – DJs, dance clubs, season parties. Sure, we were just as excited (as the billboards) to party, already had plans to hit up Pacha later that night, but we missed Barcelona and this was not proving to be a smooth transition…

Our hotel Torre Del Mar was a basic functional hotel that offered a good location to the trendy beach clubs and offered great views of the seafront. The harsh lighting however, offered no sense of comfort!

see what I mean!

After dinner and a quick change, we headed over to pacha for a night of partying. We were down by one in our group (foot injury for one of our friends) – what a bummer!

Alright – enough with the complaints! A good night’s sleep plus the promise of sunshine the next morning had us determined to give Ibiza one last shot before heading out.

bright sunny day - hotel view
bright sunny day – hotel view

The plan was to explore the old town, climb up to the old fort for some lovely views, lounge by the beach, stop by Ushuaia for lunch and make our way to the airport.

The old town was just like the pictures, quaint and colorful with white houses and doors painted a variety of colors, bright Bougainvillea hanging down the sides.

shopping around for some baskets
shopping around for some baskets

The walk up to the old fort offered beautiful views of turquoise blue waters of the mediterranean sea extending all the way to the horizon. Pretty, but not as historic as we anticipated…

Ibiza music shops
Ibiza music shops

Next, we made our way towards Ushuaia, a colorful and whimsical hotel and club along the ocean. We sipped a couple of cocktails under the cabana, with a lovely sea breeze, while listening to some house music in the background. The water was deceptively cold and we walked around enjoying the warm sun and dipping our feet in the cool water. Ok, this is good…

For lunch, we walked over to Sir Rocco next door that had great reviews, and the food did not disappoint!

Sitting there and enjoying our food with a smile on our faces, we went over the past day and just maybe…Ibiza deserved another chance? We had only covered a very small area in an off-season month.

Perhaps, but that would be some other time after we cover some other destinations. Now, off to Andalusia!!

Did you have a different experience in Ibiza? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Hope you enjoyed reading!


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