A Balinese Spa Date

We must start this post with a full disclaimer – We are NOT morning people! And I’m talking cranky-and-mean without ample time to “wake-up” and savor our cup of coffee. But a combination of jet lag and vacation always gets us out of bed in a jiffy without the need for any type of caffeine – you know, we may have justContinue reading “A Balinese Spa Date”

Taking a breather in Jimbaran Bay

After what felt like the world’s longest journey, we finally reached Bali, and our first stop – Jimbaran Bay! We reached the hotel (Intercontinental Bali) just in time for sunset and were greeted by the front desk with cooling towels and a lovely tea cocktail (“rosella” Tea with lemon and honey – I need toContinue reading “Taking a breather in Jimbaran Bay”