Kyoto Itinerary for 3 days

Kyoto may be considered as one of the world’s most culturally rich cities; 17 UNESCO world heritage sites is no easy task! And is a vision of traditional Japan that one reads about in books and magazines.

The city has a LOT to offer: ancient temples with serene and sublime gardens, colorful shrines, historic Geisha district and traditional restaurants that still honor the historic way of serving food and tea. Three days won’t seem enough, and the place will leave you yearning for more…but if you plan well in advance, you can (at least) cover the key sites offering a glimpse into the city’s historic past…

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What to eat in Japan

Japanese cuisine offers so much more than your popular sushi and ramen…And almost half the fun in Japan is trying out its various cuisines – burst of flavors and ridiculously pretty presentation! But first, let’s start with some basic etiquette, shall we?

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