What to eat in Japan

Japanese cuisine offers so much more than your popular sushi and ramen…And almost half the fun in Japan is trying out its various cuisines – burst of flavors and ridiculously pretty presentation! But first, let’s start with some basic etiquette, shall we?

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48 hours in Tokyo

Last year in April, I was writing about the NYC cherry blossom festival and (wistfully) dreaming about a trip to Japan some day…well, lucky enough for us, work took me to Tokyo this year. So of course, we did what most people in our circumstances would do…squeezed in a few days for sight-seeing around town; i.e. being a tourist and all! What’s that about life handing you lemons? We made some sparking lemonade outta this one! 🙂

“Limited time” translated to just over 2 days to go sight-seeing around Tokyo (the rest of the week was all work). And boy, does this city have a lot to offer!! skyscrapers with crackling neon signs, eccentric fashions, colorful nightlife under railway tracks, museums, historic shrines…phew :/

To help you out, here’s our quick guide to covering the top sites in Tokyo in 48 hours:

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