Off to Magical Bali

We recently got back from a week in Bali, and I just have to say that the trip was nothing short of magical! We have had a really L-O-N-G winter in NYC and work has been incredibly hectic. So, we just had to make a trip some place warm (and notably exotic) for spring break – and we picked Indonesia! So, off we went to Barnes & Noble to buy a map and scour books on travel to Indonesia. To our surprise, there were not that many travel guides for Indonesia, looking at the map one can see why! Indonesia is estimated to have┬ámore than 18,000 islands of which 6000 are inhabited (wikitravel).

Indonesia’s main islands are Sumatra, Sulawesi, Papua, Kalimantan, Java, and the small but world-renowned island of Bali. To traverse these islands (or one entire region) would take weeks, if not months. For an itinerary of 1 week (7 days), we picked Bali and Lombok. The next set of posts will cover our magical trip!

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