An Enchanting Hike Through the Cloud Forest

It was day 3 and we had yet to cover the most adventurous part of our trip! 🙂 We began our journey towards the Monteverde Cloud forest that included a drive –> then ferry across the Arenal lake –> then another drive to the Monteverde forest. Of course, the drive included the infamous costa-rican “tropicalContinue reading “An Enchanting Hike Through the Cloud Forest”

Looking For Snakes Across Hanging Bridges

We just got back from our vacation to Costa Rica and a much-needed escape from an icy winter…and we’re already planning a return trip to cover other areas of this country! Costa Rica offers everything for a perfect vacation; rainforests, beaches and every sort of activity you may want to undertake! (hiking, zip lining,snorkeling, etc.) ThisContinue reading “Looking For Snakes Across Hanging Bridges”