Top Reasons to visit Seville; the City of Passion

Pronounced “Se-vee-ya”, Andalucia’s aristocratic capital is full of history, culture, irresistible charm and incredible passion! The people are in no particular rush; the day starts late, then there’s lunch at 2pm, followed by a siesta, and the evening stroll (Paseo), and finally a┬álate dinner around 9:30pm…Our taxi driver described it best, “we (Sevillanos) enjoy life, and work to live, unlike you Americans who only work work work” (that’s right, no punctuation ­čśë )

While you could easily spend a week in Seville; taste their excellent cuisine, witness the emotional (that’s right!) flamenco and folklore, admire┬áthe architecture with its complex craftsmanship…we had a mere three days to soak it all up!

This required planning and a list: Top 8 things to do in Seville

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