Quick Stop in a Spanish White Village

En route to Sevilla, we stopped by a charming (and probably the most famous) Pueblos Blancos (white town) – Ronda. Set in the Malaga province, this village is built on top of a rock and split in the middle by the Tajo gorge.

The drive to Seville (via Ronda) definitely took longer than we had initially planned (~4 hrs) but most of it was our own doing 🙂 (ahem! some issues with a manual car, one too many stops for pictures and food) but the views of the olive fields, goats grazing on the Spanish grass surrounded by the Sierra Nevada were beautiful!

Hundreds of wind mills along the way
Goats grazing on fields along the road
Tiny little white houses
White houses dotting the brown fields

Ronda is probably the most visited white town in Andalucia, and you can see why after you take in the views! It’s much more commercial and modernized (than other true villages) due to these thousands of tourists that visit each day, losing a bit of its “quaint and charming” character that we had read so much about…

White town on top of a gorge
White town on top of a gorge

All the same the views from this town are gorgeous (ha! get it?), and it is quite incredible how the beautiful houses are built perched on top of a precipitous cliff!

View with the mountains in the background
View with the mountains in the background

We walked around the town to grab a bite and click some pictures of the beautiful El Tajo and Puenta Nuevo bridge.

At the very edge!
At the very edge!

Ronda is the birthplace of the modern-day bull fighting, and while we had no desire to actually watch a bull-fight, we did want to take a tour of Plaza De Toros (and museum). But we had planned to this in Seville, so we skipped it for a warm cup of hot chocolate instead! (and plucking some sour oranges off trees – do not try this on your own; these were not for consumption as we quickly learned!) 😉

Plaza De Toros
Plaza De Toros
A fresh sour orange from the tree
A fresh sour orange from the tree

And then we were off to Seville before nightfall…


Hope you enjoyed reading! xo



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