A Romantic Weekend in Mexico

Most romantic getaways! Hmm…typical images include Eiffel tower in Paris, Gondola ride in Venice, Ponte Vechhio in Florence…

Sure, we’d been to these places but the one we reminisced about this Valentine’s weekend was Mexico from a few years ago! ❤

After a rough year; lots of travel with our respective consulting jobs (not the kind we like), followed by my move to NYC (read: spike in rent and expenses), then a change in the hub’s job  – we were finally together but exhausted!!! 😦

Desperate to get out of this madness, we needed to get away, if just for a few days. Mexico! Easy to get to (direct flight) and not much to plan (overwhelmed with planning our life at the time).The next four days in Mexico were incredible, just what we needed to re-charge ourselves!

And as we watched the sun set in the horizon…we went over the highs and lows of the past year, amazed at our resilience, and more determined to get through this together!


So, now you know why I picked this for our Valentine’s Day ❤

Let’s talk about the trip… 🙂

We picked an all-inclusive hotel north of Cancun, ME by Melia hotel
The property was tastefully decorated, decent and not the typical cheesy over-the-top-like-Vegas we encountered in Dominican Republic (our least fave trip, but that’s for another time).

We took two excursions over the next three days. The first was a day trip to Tulum (ruins and the beach).

Temple ruins with the view of the sea
Temple ruins with the view of the sea

The Mayan temple ruins are spread across green grounds and the view of the Caribbean Sea from the cliff was beautiful – turquoise blue ocean and pristine soft white sand. The beach was by far the highlight!

look at the powder fine sand

We also ran into a few iguanas basking in the sun, as we walked around the grounds. They’re quite harmless (and vegetarian) unless provoked! 🙂


and another one peeking from under the foliage
and another one peeking from under the foliage

The second day-trip was to Isla Mujeres (island of women), not literally for those of you who may be wondering 😉

View of the boats and the pier
View of the boats and the pier

We took the ferry to spend the day on the island (off the coast of Cancun), and rented a Vespa (scooter/moped) for the day. This was so much fun, driving on the road along the ocean, and our own little excursion!

On the scooter
On the scooter and some golf carts ahead of us

We took it easy and did not book any snorkeling/water sports – it was just as well since it turned out to be such a cloudy day! Instead we walked to the edge of the island…

The view from the edge of the island
The view from the edge of the island

And witnessed a Mexican procession…

Stopped to pet a turtle at the conservation center…

Stopped by the turtle conservation center
Stopped by the turtle conservation center

Shopped for interesting souvenirs on a fun golf cart…

and finally chilled (quite literally) by the beach sipping a couple of coronas…(It got a bit cool/windy on the island as it was cloudy)

Ok, maybe that sounds a little more than “nothing”, ha!

Back at the pier
Back at the pier
overall, an incredible day
overall, an incredible day

And that summarizes our (long) weekend in Mexico – not bad for a quick getaway!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Xo

What did you reminisce about this Valentine’s weekend? We would love to hear!



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