Walking tour of old Hoi An

The old town of Hoi An feels like a museum of well preserved buildings; a unique blend of architectural style drawing on influences from China and Japan, with just the right dash of Europe. The wooden houses are painted in bright colors and decorated with hand-made lanterns in a myriad of colors, shapes and sizes. Old-style communist speakers hoisted along the main road play soft french music during late afternoons, transporting you to a bygone era. Open store fronts are flanked with smiling faces of local girls dressed in elegant Ao Dai made of flowing silk fabric in soft pastel colors…

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Fall Colors in New York

I’ll have to admit, Fall is not my favorite season…that right is reserved for Spring! The crisp air and slight chill signals the dread of approaching winter; dark dreary nights of being cooped up at home, and having to layer up in all kinds of clothing just to step out for a walk! Alright alright …I’m also known to be a tad bit over dramatic! 🙂

But the colors of Fall – why that’s quite a different matter altogether! Beautiful shades of yellow (deep ochre and burnt sienna), sometimes a flaming red, can truly take your breath away! Our recent drive just out of NYC led to some incredible walks with amazing views…

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